A household name throughout Kenya, LeJan Solutions offers a wide range of services including ICT Consultation, web design, domain registration and hosting, graphic design, bulk printing, and more under its own label nationwide as well as through its partners in Africa.

As it has grown, evolved and adapted to the changing world around it, LeJan Solutions has always remained true to its core values of quality, integrity, value and innovation and has continually strived to make a difference in the businesses and lives of its customers. Known by generations of Kenya simply as "LeJan" it has grown to become part of the very fabric of Kenya society, a benchmark for excellence and an icon of quality.

Our ingrained culture of professionalism and tradition of integrity ensures that we act responsibly with regard to all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the community.

Founded in Nairobi Town, LeJan Solutions today recognized as Kenya's leading IT service provider.